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Catteries (and boarding kennels) will give you peace of mind. Your pets can't go with you everywhere, but a cattery will house your cats in comfortable lodgings and keep them safe.

Boarding Cattery in Australia, Catteries, Cat Boarding

Many catteries are graced with rural or garden views, and trained handlers will be able to put your pet at ease while you unwind for the weekend or even go on a long-awaited overseas holiday. In any situation where you need to be away from home for an extended time, a cattery can take care of your cat for you.

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You'll find state and local codes governing the operation of catteries and boarding kennels in Australia. Here are some of their common requirements:

• All cats must have their own pen, unless there are two cats from the same household and the cat owner signs up for permission allowing them to stay together. Primarily, this is to reduce the risk of injuries and unwanted breeding, as well as to promote your cat's health and hygiene.

• Before being boarded, cats should be vaccinated from cat flu and feline enteritis, and dewormed within three months before entering the cattery. A good cattery will ask for vaccination papers before accepting your cat.

• If the cattery is next to a boarding kennel for dogs, there should be barriers to prevent the cats and dogs from contact. This is to avoid in-fighting and the risk of cross-infection.

• A good cattery will have gaps between pens (must be more than sixty centimetres), or a full-height sneeze guard which will prevent the spread of infections from other cats.

• Any establishment with more than three cats living on the same premises for any purpose, whether for breeding, house domestication or exhibition, should display a cattery permit from the relevant state and local farm/animal, health, or animal welfare councils and departments

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