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Choosing a good cattery
There are two types of catteries: indoor and outdoor. Indoor catteries should have air ventilation and circulation to prevent microorganisms from multiplying in the air. Outdoor catteries should have a secure catch area in case your cat escapes from its individual pen.

Cat Boarding or Broading Cattery Tips and Information

Good catteries should also have ramps and run areas where your cats can play, or have a pet sitter who can look over their daily activity time. The run area should have a scratch post and a platform or shelf for your cat to lounge on.

Other signs of a good boarding cattery:

– Feeding and litter trays are clean, with no untoward smell
– A dedicated kitchen for cat meals
– An interesting run area, for your cat's romping
– Clean sleeping corners, with easy-to-clean surfaces
– A caring cattery owner and handler, someone with rapport for cats
– A suitable climate for your cats (with heater and cooler, as needed)

Make arrangements with a cattery as soon as you know your travel schedule. Catteries can get full during peak travel months. When bringing your cats to the boarding cattery, put them in a cat carrier, to avoid escapes while you're still outside the confines of the cattery. A good proprietor will ask you details about your cat's health and food requirements. If necessary, they should be able to provide your cat's special dietary needs

When checking in your cat, you'll also need to provide a contact number, a relative or a friend who can make decisions for your cat's care on your behalf. You might also be asked to bring a familiar toy or beddings to bring the scents of home for your cat. This helps put your cat at ease after moving to a new place.

A good cattery will assure you that while you're away, your cat is on holiday too!

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